Have you tried our new App?app icon

If you are an iphone, ipad or android user, you can now try our new app. We have invested in new technology to help clients and their friends by placing a really useful tool kit directly in their hand. The app is completely free to download from the itunes store and comes with a stack of useful features. This includes financial calculators – so that you can work out how much income tax you should be paying, how much a change in interest rates will impact your mortgage, what your IHT liability might look like and the impact of inflation on your finances, to name just a few.

Tax year information

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We have also included the 2014/15 tax year information, including all of the important changes from the Chancellors 2014 Budget last month. You should gain a better understanding of tax and why we attempt to reduce this for our clients where appropriate. There are also key dates for the tax year in terms of when payments need to made or filed.

Independent thinking

I have also included a bit about us and what we do, as well as links to the website and this blog, along with a link to Morningstar, who provide independent investment research, which we also use to complement the work we do with Cormorant as part of our investment committee work.

Don’t keep it a secret…

I’d be really grateful if you would leave a rating and review of the app on itunes if you like it and can see its usefulness. Of course do let your friends and colleagues know too – after all its a free app that is really useful. If you have any problems or suggestions, please email me or pick up the phone and let me know what they are. We are already planning improvements and added features to make it a really valuable tool, but want to make sure that our clients can benefit from this fully.

Dominic Thomas: Solomons IFA