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Alternative Financial Planning

Why do people call us alternative? It is because we don’t duck the big question – will my money run out before me?

It is because we believe that you should set the agenda – it is your life! So you determine the overall goal (which won’t really alter if it is grounded in your values).

We will tell if you have enough or even more than enough, rather than assuming your goal is always moving and always growing, which means that you have freedom to minimise risk and do other things.

We reveal what risks you are really running and how to minimise them. Having the right information can be the difference between doing what you want, and doing what you think you need to do.

Dynamic thinking

We encourage open dynamic thinking and offer a lifelong perspective so that when you look back on your life, you will have a tremendous sense of peace of mind, with you placed at the centre of what we do, secure in the knowledge that you lived by your values and accomplished what was important.

We promise to keep the complex simple and to keep our promises.

Here are a few things clients have said about Solomon’s and our Financial Planning Services:

Absolute Trust

I know nothing of financial matters and would be lost without someone to guide and advise me. Dominic is someone I trust absolutely. I know him to be ethical which is important to me, and capable. He is easily approachable, explains things in a way that even I can understand, and allows me to ask any question however obvious or basic. I feel my financial concerns are safe in his hands and I trust his judgement. I would definitely recommend him to anyone needing help with their finances. Hazel Bradley


Dominic has been our financial adviser for the past 6 years, and throughout this time we have received a very helpful service which has been tailored to our family’s needs. It has been particularly useful recently to review our current financial situation regarding retirement planning, and to see how this may evolve into the future, with a range of possible scenarios (using Solomon’s financial planning software). We have found that Dominic has always explained matters in a straightforward and clear way, enabling us to understand and make the right choices for our situation. We would wholeheartedly recommend his services. Julian & Mandy Brooks


We appreciate the advantage of being offered professional, independent advice in a sensitive manner which at the same time challenges us to address our financial priorities. Colin & Jill Mumford


I have used Solomon’s as my Financial Advisers for longer than I care to remember. Above all else, they have always given me peace of mind. Knowing very little about the financial markets, it is wonderful to know that someone is tending to my investments, and making decisions that are completely beyond me, with the ultimate objective of getting me the best possible financial package for my retirement. The regular publication, “Talking Money” that Solomon’s send me, is an excellent tool for keeping me abreast with changes in tax, inheritance and other financial laws, in a way that is simple to understand – and even interesting! Nicola Handcock


Dominic has been my financial adviser for 7 years. I have found his advice, in the minefield of financial regulation and option, to be invaluable. He has an approachable manner, which allows one to ask the silliest of questions without feeling foolish. He does not talk in jargon and always explains things in a financial language I can understand. And, perhaps above all, he is scrupulously honest. I know that he will give me objective advice that will always be in my interest. I simply could not have asked for a better financial adviser. Martin Evans


We have been with Dominic for over 10 years, recommended by my late father. His advice is always clear, straightforward and to the point backed up by obvious in-depth knowledge and research. You feel you are in the hands of an expert – and one who cares! Jamie and Ruth Lyons


I want to thank you for your help, advice and very smooth running of my planning, especially in these last few months building up to my retirement. It has been excellent. My only regret is that I wish I had been with you years earlier… Steve Hepden


We have been with Solomon’s for over ten years; Dominic has been an excellent financial advisor. He is good at making you think about your financial priorities over the coming years, and seems to get the balance of portfolios just right. He is easy to talk to, and has an excellent knowledge of a range of financial products. He has always made us feel comfortable with our decisions, and never pushed us to take on more risk than we were happy with. He is reliable and efficient and I would highly recommend Solomon’s and especially Dominic. Fiona Middleton & Henry Dowson


We met Dominic and Solomon’s in 2004 when our family finances were in a state of transition, as we had both recently lost parents. We were dealing with paying off a mortgage, receiving inheritances and disposing of family properties. We had a collection of policies acquired piecemeal over the years and Jo was having to negotiate a redundancy package.

Seven years on, with Solomon’s help, we have a well-structured portfolio of savings and investments, have become adept at budgeting and have put two children through higher education. We have rationalised pension plans and put a retirement strategy in place. But it’s not all been about saving – we’ve spent money on property development as well as hobbies and holidays, having acquired a better sense of our resources and how we want to use them, both now and in the future.

It’s been immensely helpful to be able to talk about finances with a trustworthy and knowledgeable source, and to place decisions in a wider context than just the nature of financial products. Jo and Chris Walker


Solomon’s have always provided me with clear unambiguous advice and ‘steadied the ship’ in fluctuating and uncertain times. Dominic has patiently answered the sort of questions that come from one such as me who has little understanding of, or time for, financial issues. The advice and guidance enabled me to fulfil some very ambitious life plans. Chris Baynes


The financial transition from a working life to retirement is a difficult one. Decisions need to be made with the confidence of a strong financial background, so it has been invaluable to have the expert knowledge of Dominic and his team to help us through in these testing times. Dominic is a very good and patient listener, always insisting on fully understanding our situation and future needs. He answers questions I haven’t even thought to ask and his advice is down to earth and available at a level we are comfortable with. We are very grateful for and reassured by his help.

I can and do thoroughly recommend the service provided Dominic and his team at Solomon’s. Andy & Heather Keys-Toyer.


Dominic has been my IFA for over 14 years, so we might have grown wise together! However as my medical career has advanced my knowledge of financial products has waned, so I have increasingly depended on Dominic’s professionalism to keep my investments on-track. I simply do not have sufficient time or commitment to improve my financial acumen thus it is appropriate to trust Dominic to filter all the available information and submit it to me in easy to understand bullet points.

I still take my own decisions, but Dominic knows me well, and when we have whittled 100 financial choices down to 2, and I have given up all desire to probe further, he will select the most appropriate and I thank him truly for this. The relationship with ones financial adviser has got to be open, trusting and comfortable, and Dominic has exceeded expectations in all areas. If we both retired now, I could teach Dominic to be his own doctor, and he could teach me finance: since this is unlikely, we will continue to be experts in our own fields, and I will continue to rely on his professional judgement! Sarah Culpitt


As ‘non-financial’ people we have appreciated the analysis that has helped us understand our financial situation and how to manage it going forward. The advice we have received has been clear, friendly and has helped us make decisions about how we manage our finances in the future. Ken & Ali Thomas Steer


Solomon’s and particularly Dominic Thomas take the worry out of deciding how you should manage your financial arrangements. Whether thinking about savings, pensions, mortgages, shares to name a few areas – you feel you are in safe hands. They are always on hand to allay fears and have a robust and expert knowledge of financial markets. They are equally keen to make sure you take the level of risk with which you feel comfortable and don’t push you into anything more than you can or want to do. They are utterly trustworthy and explain things simply for those of us who don’t have a financial background. I would thoroughly recommend them. Aredi Pitsiaeli


When discussing provision for my retirement, I am reassured by the fact that you always give your full attention during telephone conversations. You confirm all information provided and clearly explain your suggestions at an appropriate level relating to my own financial accumen. I feel you are commited to acquiring the best possible financial outcome from the investments you have been entrusted with, and I thank you for that. Amanda Allen


Dominic Thomas has been my financial adviser for 15 years. Over that time I have valued his insight and the pertinence of his questions to me. He gets to the nub of the issue and always seems to ‘cover my back’, knowing there are issues to be addressed before I do and bringing his skill and knowledge to the table. Dom is very approachable and personable; he is quick to respond to a request, immediately helpful and efficient, avoiding sending unnecessary paperwork. I would recommend him without hesitation and consider him completely trustworthy. Ruth Baxter


What has been really helpful about the process so far is getting a much clearer picture of where we are financially and where we would like to get to in the future. Dominic’s advice has been both realistic and practical throughout. Neal & Eluned Swettenham


My wife and myself have been using Dominic and his team at Solomon’s for about two years, for financial advice and pension planning. We are very happy with the personal service they offer and impressed with how quickly they respond to any queries and questions we have. Jeremy Sykes


Dominic Thomas has been advising us on all aspects of our financial affairs for over fifteen years. As we’ve faced life-changing events such as buying a house, starting a family or changing careers it has been reassuring to have access to Dominic’s informed and personable counsel and clarity of vision. Over the years his advice and that of his knowledgeable team has helped us to feel confident that we are doing what we can to secure our future financial wellbeing whilst managing effectively the claims on our finances today. David & Pippa Cox


Dominic Thomas has developed Solomon’s into a truly outstanding Financial Advice business that leads the field. They are, of course, experts in financial matters but just as importantly they truly understand that financial planning, practiced at the highest level, is about helping people live authentic lives. A conversation with Solomon’s is a unique experience because it puts you in touch with what’s most important to you and then connects this with how you run your finances. The result is intelligent financial decisions that give you peace of mind and confidence in the future. How many people can say this about their advisers? John Dashfield

We have always operated on a fee system. Starting on 1st January 2013 all financial advisers have to charge fees under the regulator’s new rules (retail distribution review – RDR)

In 2002 we introduced retainer fees for our services, largely due to client suggestions for spreading fees over a year. A by-product (after a year) is that this helps us to have a predictable income, providing additional financial stability to our own business growth.

We have gradually grown since 1999, but always held to the principles of transparency, integrity and accountability in dealing with both clients and those within our industry. Our approach has always been to treat our clients fairly and we are delighted that the industry regulators (Financial Services Authority) have made this the platform for regulation. So we regard ourselves as pioneers.

Our growth has been primarily due to clients recommending friends, family and colleagues, which is of course the very highest testimony. Email me.


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We are seeking long-term client relationships, built upon mutual trust, enabling us to create and provide a valuable service.

We provide a bespoke service, working in partnership to enable you to have the best chance of achieving your goals.

Working together

Together we will create your unique Financial Plan which will act as a working document reflecting the essence of what is truly important to you. This will effectively act as our mutual guide upon which all future financial decisions are based, so our attention to your detail is vital.

We help clients achieve deeply held goals, not merely time-barred objectives; achieving peace of mind, a generous spirit and recognition that security is not based upon wealth. A sense of emotional well-being can be enhanced with financial planning that is rooted in understanding your values and life principles. So we start with the end in mind.

In order to meet with Dominic, simply call the office (we’ll even pay for the call) and speak to our team to arrange a time. You won’t need to bring anything with you.

If you are reading this in ‘out of office’ hours, you may prefer to email us with a good time and date to call you back. We will only require your name, number and a suitable date or time.

Call us on: 020 8542 8084 or email:

“I like the fact that I can just leave it to you to worry about because I’ve got enough to worry about. I have really valued the fact that whilst I am the person that pays you, you have provided advice for my children and my mum.”

Dr Catherine Ralph

“I’ve obviously been very happy with what we have done together, which seems to have worked. Essentially, it’s about a relationship and trust.”

Mike Webb