Time for the Oscars

The Oscars take place on Sunday night. To my mind, this always signals the end of the awards season. It also acts as a reminder and marker about certain years. Its 20 years since The English Patient picked up a bunch of Oscars. Frances McDormand, Juliette Binoche, Geoffrey Rush and Cuba Gooding Junior. Twenty years since Jerry Maguire and “Show me the money”. How time flies.

As you will have gathered I use film to explore various financial planning issues. At times I admit the links are a little stretched, but in essence a client comes to me with a story in progress and seeking help with how it turns out. There is some required editing, script writing, direction and the key characters all need to play their part. Of course original and unique content is always preferred.

So here are my posts for some of those nominated for the 2017 Oscar ceremonies. If I were a betting man, I’d suggest that La La Land are likely to take a bunch of awards. I enjoyed it greatly, but for me Hidden Figures, Hacksaw Ridge and Elle all had more of a profound impact. It was a shame that “I, Daniel Blake” didn’t get picked up in the US but was recognised at the BAFTAs.


Dominic Thomas
Solomons IFA

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