1950: Key to the City – G Sidney
It has been a very busy few weeks. I haven’t had much time to update the blog, but then perhaps little has changed… the markets remain nervous about European Governments keeping their promises (I’m sure I suggested some months ago that they wouldn’t and that the effort to retain the Euro was and is a colossal waste of money)…. the football season is nearly at an end… which simply proved that whilst money clearly provides an advantage in sport it doesn’t guarantee results. Manchester City just inched through as Premier League winners.. by a whisker and I’m sure that other large clubs that spent millions may be finding that counting their trophies is not a difficult task this year. As ever, money does not guarantee anything, but you would probably be wise to assume that it adds considerable advantage, such as securing the top players. So it will be with interest that over the next couple of days I attend the annual Morningstar conference in the City of London. Designed to keep me informed with the latest thoughts from some of the world’s leading “expert” investors. I will keep you posted, but remain mindful that talk is cheap, results are what counts.
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