Anthony Bolton is one of the most successful Fund Managers in the UK, who ran the Fidelity Special Situations Fund with enormous success from 1979 until the end of 2007. During this period, his fund (had you invested at the beginning) achieved annualised returns of 19.5% – significantly outperforming the market return of 13.5% over the same period.

Mr Bolton still works for Fidelity and oversees investment of the UK group as a whole and still plays a significant part in the work that Fidelity does. He is very highly regarded by myself and many thousands of industry experts. Invariably he is well worth listening to, so his recent comments that investors should not delay re-entering the market should be heeded. He seems to be suggesting that much of the recovery will be made in a few concentrated months. This reflects my own view that the next 3 years out of the next 10 are likely to see the highest annual growth rates, although said with the expectation that there will continue to be bad news as problems become apparent in our economy with rising unemployment, bankruptcy, and repossession levels.

For those interested, Anthony Bolton has written a couple of books about investing, “The Anatomy of a Stock Market Phenomenon” (2004) and his latest publication “Investing Against the Tide” (2009).

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