Security is a big deal in financial services; essentially providers of every description want to know you are who you say you are. For a variety of reasons fingerprint technology, which is by all accounts unique to each person, it not widely available. However most of us possess a key to a car. BMW have come up with a few options for their car key, which they are trying out. Anyone with a newish BMW will already know that a traditional ignition key is a thing of the past; the “key” is more of a small remote control device that needs to be within the car whilst driving. As ever, BMW have taken this a step further – using the key as an information device key. Here is a short video showing the ability to use the key as a replacement to a debit card, hotel door card key and a Bluetooth device to check the car status for fuel, if it is locked, where it is parked and what if anything needs servicing.
Pretty clever stuff. Thinking ahead, when you are making your investments or checking up on them, I imagine that not too way off into the future, we shall be able to provide something similar. We already do our best to minimise real paper and provide online service, but having to sign forms and remember passwords is getting more problematic for most people as they have an enormous number of “accounts” with online suppliers of all descriptions.
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