Richard Bullock set up Barn 6 Furniture in 1996 and has grown his business over the last 22 years. He specialises in high end furniture often working with designers and architects on a complete refit of a home, office or retail space. I went to visit him at his impressive new workshop in Letchworth.

There are many challenges running a small business, but to date Richard has steered his firm through some challenging times in a field where price, quality and craftsmanship are terms used glibly by most.

As we worked on Richard’s financial planning one of the things that occurred to me was the full meaning of bespoke. A wry smile stretched across his face as he explained that one of the largest challenges in his work is getting clients to think about what they want. “Invariably people come with ideas and want to look through a brochure to pick something that they would like, but there is no brochure, we have a portfolio of work of what we have done, but each piece is different”. The penny finally drops that the client can have what they want, in any material, subject of course of the reality of their budget. He loves working with the end client, helping them to achieve the results that they are looking for.

R Bullock Owner Barn 6 Solomons IFA interview - a Bespoke Business

Bespoke Marketing

This struggle resonated with me. How on earth do I tell others about our service? One that is about creating bespoke financial plans, as unique as the imagination of our clients, yet with many similarities and using tools that are far from unique. If you want a pension or an ISA, you can simply buy one from a selective list – much like you can buy a kitchen. For many this will be perfectly acceptable, living with the imperfections and irritations of an off-the-shelf solution. However, for the sort of people that we work with – who want something that reflects them and their own lifestyle with a very personal touch, the key ingredients are time and skill.

Master of the Craft

A new build lecture theatre for Worcester College, Oxford, that Richard was extensively involved in was shortlisted for the Stirling Prize 2018 and he also won a Wood Award 2018. He also created a huge moving table and light tower for a London architecture practice to display models of their buildings at the world-famous Venice Biennale for Architecture

Gone Sailing…

As a business owner that walks his talk, Richard also renovated a Sadler 32 from a near wreck, which he now sails on his own, giving him a much-needed change of scenery. He mainly sails on the east coast and sometimes races in the “Round the Island” race against 1600 other boats with the help of his brother and one of his two sons. When he eventually retires, he would love to do more sailing and have a bigger adventure. Hopefully, that’s something that we will help him achieve sooner rather than later.

If you would like anything bespoke for your office, home or business, perhaps Richard could help you. You can reach him at or call 01582 467557.

Here is a short video we made about Barn 6.

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