1954: An Inspector Calls – Hamilton
It is important that you check tax documentation. A key date in the tax diary is nearly upon us (31st January) and it is hard to avoid the HMRC advertising in London. However, just because you have a document from HMRC that says this is what you owe, it is worthwhile checking as often the tax inspector estimates tax. This is particularly so for a P800 form. The form is the HMRC view about whether you have underpaid or overpaid your taxes. Remember that under self-assessment rules you are personally responsible for the accurate reporting of your tax to HMRC.  
Time is running out, but in order to prepare for each tax year you should obtain your P60 and ideally all payslips for the relevant tax year. Certificates or statements from your bank showing any interest paid and probably taxed on interest. You will also need dividend information, these form part of your income. You should also have details of any pension contributions that you made and any charitable donations. There are many other elements too – but this will depend on the nature of your investments.
I do not submit tax returns, but clearly all financial advisers have a pretty good understanding of the tax system (and have usually have qualifications for this). We ask for this sort of information so that we can get our records as accurate as possible for clients and remember that your tax position may significantly effect how your financial planning is put together and the order in which tasks are performed. Getting accurate from you information is vital. 
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