Small Business Marketing – A New Look Website

 Small business marketing simply doesn’t have the budget to compete with hours of focus group research, constant test-piloting of messages and so on. However, what we do possess is hundreds of hours each year meeting real people that actually use our services.  Social media also provides a network of helpers that can provide helpful insight and ideas about what it is that we stand for. Marketing as far as I’m concerned is about attracting the right clients (not simply attracting everyone). It also acts as a way of reminding our existing clients about our main messages. So we now have a new website which is a based upon what we have done, where we are going and input from our existing clients and those with an interest in the firm.

Your Feedback

We will be updating the new site, but if you have any thoughts I would like to hear them. The blog will now be found properly within the website and should be easier to find. The original blog has reached nearly 38,000 views and I am keen to build upon this, but ensure that the content is relevant to our clients. From this point forward I intend to locate all my new blog posts here.

Independent In Name?

Those that are in the know, will recognise that I am a great advocate of independent financial advice and to my mind clients want impartial advice, which I would argue can only be provided if the adviser has access to all products without any bias between them and paid the same whatever product (if any) is arranged. This in mind, we have the task of selecting the best name to use for our website. The choice is between or  I wonder if you would care to comment.