2012: The Bourne Legacy – Gilroy
The “summer of sport” in London has now come to an end with a thrilling closing ceremony for the Paralympic Games. Now attention turns to the legacy that was promised and the hope that anyone with a disability is treated fairly. Politicians will be quick to capitalise on what they see as the virtues of the experience, as will many others. The Paralympics was quite simply brilliant. Witnessing the final stages of 4 years (more or less) of training to culminate in a truly awesome display of genuine friendly but serious competition was a lesson to world leaders and those that run any organisation, be it in the realm of business, politics, service or charity.
The Paralympics have caused many to pause to reflect on the way we view people with “disability” and “disability” itself. We are also reminded of the need for personal fitness and of course a sense of connection to a wider community. In terms of a legacy, well everyone will have their own opinion on this, but as with all legacies, the best are started in life, not in death. This plays neatly into the need to have a clear idea of where it is that you want to go, what you want to “achieve” – what you want to “succeed” in. All very loaded words, but of course have very different meanings to each person. This is an area that as a financial planner, I have experience in helping clients to reflect on their values and what it is that they truly want from life.
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