Oldest Woman – secrets to longevity

Scotland’s oldest woman, Jessie Gallan recently turned 109 according to reports. She suggested that her longevity had been achieved by regular walking, eating porridge and avoiding men. Whilst I imagine this is is probably a little too reductionist, it does bring the issue of longevity back into the news again.breakfast at tiffanys

In April pension changes mean that it will be possible to encash an entire pension fund all at once. This would be very unwise for most people and there is concern that people will underestimate their longevity and thereby run out of money.

Living to a very old age is a mixed blessing and I imagine that you will have your own thoughts on this. As for anyone that is 109 now, if they began drawing a State pension at age 60, it has been in payment for 49 years… about the same as working life (16-65).

For those that wish to live a very long time, I guess its time to avoid the men and have a regular breakfast of porridge.

Dominic Thomas