Our New Look Solomon’s Website

Well, here it is, the new-look website. I hope that you like it. An awful lot of thought has been put into its layout and design, not to mention the content. There may be spelling mistakes (let me know if you spot any) or just stuff that doesn’t appear to make sense – again please point this out. The website and blog are meant to provide potential clients with a feel for who we are and who we work with. Its also a place for clients to be reminded and find some useful resources. I also have an industry section for other firms and suppliers to check us out to determine if we are appropriate to work with.

A Little Too Honest?

There is always the danger of not being “professional” enough and being too “personal”. I think that I just have to accept that I will never get this right for everyone all of the time. In essence clients have a long-term relationship with me and the firm. I want to work with clients for a long time, because I want to see plans and ambitions fulfilled too. In the course of any long-term relationship, there are moments and events that surprise, delight, challenge and disappoint. The strength of the relationship will be tested. I’m human, make mistakes, say stupid things on occasion and sometimes am foolish enough to leave these on the internet. However, I figure that being honest about mistakes is a fairly vital part of being a trusted adviser. I would prefer to make none of course, but then I wonder how much I would have learned in the process and indeed how well served our clients would have been. I’m not sure if I can be “too honest”. We don’t live in a perfect world – and I still haven’t got the hang of inserting images into blog posts in this WordPress software – but I will. The “old blog” is currently at about 40,000 hits and will stay in cyberland. However this is the new current home for my blog content.