1963: Doctor in Distress – Thomas
As you may have gathered, I advise quite a number of medical professionals. I came across a concerning piece of news that was published in “Hospital Doctor” today. It seems that your pay is under threat from cash stretched hospital Trusts. The report suggests that this is being considered in some Surrey hospitals with potentially renegotiated terms for those earning over £55,000 – which is pretty much all senior doctors. The “cards on the table” negotiations also include changes to overtime, weekends and Bank Holidays as well as reductions in sick pay and annual leave entitlement. It would appear that the NHS continues to be a political punch bag and clearly there is increased concern about good Trust management following the first NHS Trust to be placed into administration (last week South London Healthcare Trust which is the old Princess Royal Orpington, Queen Mary’s Sidcup and Queen Elizabeth in Woolwich). It seems that having a Royal title will not save hospitals, who seem to be facing the equivalent prospect of the guillotine.
The Pay Review bodies are due to report to the Government this week on the impact of introducing regional pay rates after the public sector pay freeze, which is due to end in April. It needs to be said, that Doctors and Consultants in particular have been hit very hard by cuts and tax increases over the last three years. I imagine that many of you will be feeling rather “frustrated” at yet further meddling with a system that seems to have less to do with providing high quality medical care and more to do with budget manipulation by whoever is in office.
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