1963: The Man With The X-Ray Eyes
The medics amongst you may be interested in the changes that seem to taking hold of radiology departments. This is not a new story and I have talked at length with clients about the impact of the internal changes within the NHS due to outsourcing of services and and in some instances a potential reduced perceived need for certain Consultants.There’s a fairly pithy blog that I follow by a doctor which often points to the growing privatisation of NHS services. Retired Consultant Bob Bury writes an interesting piece in Hospital Doctor today. As you will be aware, I advise quite a number of Consultants and GPs who are all at the receiving end of a taxation assault against them, which I believe to be largely due to the last Governments inability to do the maths on the Consultant Contract and GP Contract. I have never met a doctor that is in pursuit of money, even those with very large private practice incomes are very “patient focused” the money just kind of follows. Of course if you are ever unfortunate enough to need their skills, then you really appreciate the training and experience that they have gained over many years.
Saving money (by buying cheaper) is not always a great way to operate. Nobody wants to be ripped off, but equally we know that cheap does not equal quality – just look at the row between Virgin Trains and the Government at the moment.
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