So, you know what I did this summer..

This summer reminded me that active experience of something is more helpful than a knowledge of it. I have not moved house for 21 years and this summer, circumstances were right for a move.

On average, people move house every 7 years. At least that’s one statistic that I heard proclaimed with great certainty. Obviously many of our clients have moved over the years, and I have also spent the last five summers moving my daughters between home, university, student houses and a first new flat. So the physical hauling of stuff and the “letting everyone know” is certainly a current, up to date experience.

We haven’t provided mortgage advice for a reasonable number of years and have referred this service to a very good adviser that does. However I am very glad we don’t, because the degree of uncertainty is far too uncomfortable for me.  Selling and buying houses brings out some rather unpleasant aspects of characters and I was reminded that just because someone agrees a deal, doesn’t mean that they will keep their word. Dishonest buyer intentions and motivations, attempting to manipulate every opportunity to their full advantage….perhaps I am just a bit naïve and not “cut-throat” enough.

Agents and disruption

The process was helped to some extent by technology, but if ever there was a case for some much overdue “disruption” the conveyancing and payment of funds process must surely warrant some smart techno-genius with ample opportunity to shake things up. Waiting for responses to questions, funds to clear, agreements to be honoured felt far removed from this instant internet age. Apparently nobody knows a conveyancer that is any good… (least of all Estate Agents who deal with them all the time). I did not know this.

Still, we got there in the end, happy enough with the agreement. Like everyone else I don’t want to have “paid too much” or “bought at the wrong time” but equally, this is a house for a home, not a share. Sure we are investing in the future, but there’s rather more to it than simply the price tag of a house isn’t there.

As for the Estate Agents… despite the general national view, I found all of them to be genuinely helpful and decent people, sure there was incredibly good use of photography and a couple were poorly informed,  but my experience was pretty good, I have no complaints…. And I now have far greater empathy for those of you that have been through this process in the last few years. Stress levels get tested needlessly, I certainly hope that when it comes to financial planning, we remove all unnecessary stress.

Dominic Thomas
Solomons IFA

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