Joy and Suffering

Joy is the new movie by David O. Russell, bringing together key players from the 2012 OSCAR winning film “Silver Linings Playbook”. Joy (played by Jennifer Lawrence) is based on the story of Joy Mangano who invented the miracle mop.

The timing of the movie is pertinent (apart from award season) there is a growing unease about capitalism, consumerism and the American Dream. Joy Mangano is in one sense the definitive American Dream, and within the film is portrayed as a woman with a conscience and big heart.

The film is set in the dysfunctional family unit, where Joy embodies the sandwich generation, holding a household together of her parents, her children and a successful divorce. I am not sure how much of this is artistic license, but Joy’s former husband remains an employee of her business.


Anyone that has ever started their own business will recognise many of the struggles and gigantic mistakes that she makes. One of the more pertinent is where and how to seek proper expert advice and encouragement. It’s also a movie for women whose struggles are invariably ignored, overlooked or simply neglected (by the movie industry and society at large).

A strong OSCAR winning cast give the film a sure footing, who relay the story carefully. Joy Mangano and her business Ingenious Designs LLC is now very much a success story, the miracle mop has sold in excess of $10million a year – but it’s not even her most successful product – huggable hangers. Her net worth was reported to be around $50 million in 2015.

Whilst there may well be some factual inaccuracies, the story is compelling and I thoroughly enjoyed the film. If you run a business or have any aspiration to do so, it’s one to seek out. Here is one of the subsequent Miracle Mop videos with Joy Mangano.

Dominic Thomas
Solomons IFA

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