The now annual PR campaign about ethical investing has begun in earnest. You may be aware that at Solomon’s we provide access to ethical investments, which many of our clients prefer. We operate two ethically screened portfolios – our Purity range and our Good Life range. The Purity portfolios only hold ethically screened funds, these are largely UK based funds with a fair amount of global specialist funds. Investment exposure to the US, Japan, Emerging Markets, the Far East and so on are very difficult to obtain within an ethical or SRI (socially responsible) fund. As a result, we offer the Good Life range, which enables better global asset allocation to be implemented, although will include “non ethical” holdings within tracker funds. If you would like to know more about this do get in touch.
I shall be attending an event on Wednesday at the House of Commons where Hugh Bayley MP is holding a UKSIF reception for those involved in helping to promote the ethical investment case. Nick Hurd MP (Minister for Civil Society) is the guest speaker, so if you have any questions that you’d like me to ask let me have them.
I suspect that the NEIW 2011 will get rather drowned out of media coverage this year due to the current protest and squat in London and various other cities around the world.
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