I have been fortunate enough to attend quite a few “gigs” this year, but the last two seemed to be almost directly opposite of one another. I have a broad musical taste – which isn’t to everyones liking (which in the last month has included Gorillaz and Don Giovani).

Anyway, I was in Brighton for the Gorillaz do – which was their last UK show before a continental tour. I have been a Blur fan for longer than I care to remember and you may know that Damon Albarn is the front man for Gorillaz and Blur. He a good musician and fairly experimental (even wrote Monkey the Opera). His outlook is fairly informed by eastern culture and a general disenchantment with western culture (or so it would appear). Whilst his music is very popular and catchy, most of the imagery and lyrics from Gorillaz is fairly bleak and lacking in hope. A great gig with fantastic lighting, effects and visuals.

The band of the year (surely) Mumford & Sons – who I saw a couple of times this year seem to be almost the opposite. A rock/folk or folk/rock band that keep it simple – stage lighting at its most basic (that’s not a criticism). They have had a hugely successful first album (Sign No More)and their lyrics display both vulnerability and a sense of hope. There’s a great line in the track “Awake My Soul”…

“In these bodies we will live, in these bodies we will die. Where you invest your love, you invest your life“.

Having been to numerous investment seminars this year and general industry updates/training events I am constantly struck by the general lack of any appreciation of the connection between investing and life. In my experience, clients do not invest for the sake of making more money, they invest because they want to achieve certain things and have a certain lifestyle. A good financial planner will provide a good road map to the achievement of financial goals, but a better one will help you to think through how what you really want is connected with your personal values. Such a discussion requires time and reflection, something that few advisers really afford clients. I believe that this is where we differ.

We are a boutique firm of financial planners. We create financial plans designed to achieve a desired lifestyle. We will craft and implement your plan that will provide you with the greatest chance of accomplishing your unique goals based upon the values that you hold. Financial products are little more than the tools to achieve your required results
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