You may have gathered that I’m not one to think that life is a breeze and I can’t resist a great story of triumph. Last night saw airing of the “Walking With The Wounded” charity on BBC1. This is an amazing and fabulous story of courage and triumph over circumstance.
Imagine if you can being a soldier in the British Army, physically fit and able to do just about anything that is required of you physically. Then the horror of a serious wound and the realisation that not only is your career over, but your life has changed considerably.
This is a tale of 4 servicemen back from the war zone, supported by two senior expedition leaders, overcoming the lack of limbs to walk to the North Pole, assisted by the highly amiable HRH Prince Harry who really is “one of the guys” having seen considerable action in his service.  
Last nights episode is now on the BBC i-player and will continue on the BBC. The challenge is enormous and a timely reminder that attitude, not altitude is everything. It is a fabulous story and tremendous organisation.
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