2003: The Statement – Jewison
Most investors will have received a half-yearly valuation statement at some point over the last couple of weeks based on values at 5th April 2012. These half-yearly statements are dull but important and are required by the Regulator. A problem that sometimes occurs is understanding what they say. In short they provide an overview and the detail of alterations in your holdings since the previous half year statement (October 5th).
You will observe that new lump sums or regular payments are shown, including the purchase date and price of assets/funds that were bought. Income payments of two forms – either income from dividends generated by your investments and/or income paid directly to your bank as you take it from the portfolio. There will also be a note of fund changes due to switching and/or rebalancing funds, so that your portfolio remains appropriate to your attitude to risk and your requirements from the fund.
Finally, you should also see our charges and fees clearly highlighted. Remember that these vary depending on the service level that you have from us and your total funds under management. If you have any questions about this please get in touch. You may also see a fee for the platform where appropriate, this is the charge for having your assets on the selected administrative platform, enabling improved information and management of your holdings.
In most cases there is an overview and then a breakdown of all the costs – it is not both, merely an attempt to show the layers of charges and activities conducted on your behalf. An important point to note is that the valuation is now wrong – it was the value at the 5th April 2012, not the value now. So if you have made changes since that date they will not be picked up in the statement until next time.
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