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The importance of a Will is nothing to be trifled with. I may be behind the news on this one, but today learned about the problems that Stieg Larsson’s death caused for his family and partner. You may know him as the Swedish author that has enjoyed success with his crime/thriller fiction, notably the Millennium Trilogy which were published after his sudden death in 2004. I understand that the Trilogy has sold over 27 million copies in 40 countries!

Unfortunately this posthumous success has resulted in a difficult situation for his surviving family. A Will from 1977 was found that was unsigned and therefore not valid under Swedish law. This Will left his estate to a branch of the Communist Workers League. It was found by his long-term partner Eva Gabrielsson who has no legal rights to any inheritance as they were not married (Swedish law) as it all passes to his father and brother.

As you might imagine, there are considerable sums involved and the dispute continues. This merely adds to the the body of evidence and experience that screams: “Sort your Will out!…. before its too late”.

It is estimated that only 1 in 7 UK adults has a Will.

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