Last night I saw the film “The Social Network” which I greatly enjoyed. For those that don’t know, this is a film about the story of Facebook – the world’s leading online networking site. The film charts the rise of Facebook from its contraversial launch at Harvard University in 2004. Its a fascinating tale of how an idea became reality and now has over 500million active users, with most people checking their Facebook account on a daily basis.

This success has made the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg a billionnaire. The film charts the ironic tension and breakdown of the relationships between good friends as they build the social network. This resulted in legal actions between the parties concerned that resulted in significant sums of money exchanging hands. No one is depsicted as blameless within the film and frankly all posed some pretty good arguments for their case. I’m not sure where truth and story part company, or indeed if they do – but from my perspective, the main observation is the leathal impact of a combination of pride and money on a relationship.

I thoroughly enjoyed the film and as you may know, am a regular user of Facebook. Zuckerberg is frankly a post-modern genius.

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