Does your financial plan make your heart sing?

If you grew up in the 70’s or 80’s there’s a new film that might stir a few memories. Sing Street is set in Dublin in the mid-80’s a secondary schoolboy finds his muse and musical inspiration from an imploding family life.

It’s the sort of movie that touches the familiar and a rite of passage that most of us traverse at some point in adolescence. However it is also a reminder to seize the day and not be swayed by the bullies or those that would otherwise wish to determine your course rather than address their inability to see one for themselves.

As an adult, I increasingly find myself staring at someone I barely recognise in the bathroom mirror, yet generally don’t find myself “thinking old”. Indeed almost everyone I meet at some point tells me that they do not think their age. Our own internal projections of self are often a contrast to the external. Of course with age sometimes comes wisdom, but certainly experience – which invariably alters our behaviour and attitudes, we are not who we once were. We have become responsible, whether through choice or necessity.

Sensible and Sensibility?

We know that we need to budget, save and build a pension, all laudable but fairly dull right? Sometimes being an adult isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, to be care-free certainly has its appeal, yet we know that our conformity is inevitably necessary. Financial products smack of everything that is “sensible” (at least the good ones) but they really are very dull and few would really wish to spend long discussing them.

However a good financial planner brings attention to your purpose – beyond simply repaying the mortgage and bills, confronting the question – what is your purpose? And what makes you come alive? For me this is a little reminiscent of adolescence, feeling on the cusp of huge potential. There are plenty willing to tell us what is and what is not possible, but a dream with a plan of action is invariably the difference between indifference and achievement. Sing Street is a triumph. Your financial planning can be too.

Here is the official trailer, you may have to hunt the film out as it isn’t showing in many cinemas (its blockbuster season) but its worth the effort.

Dominic Thomas
Solomons IFA

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