Abigail Liddicott
Feb 2023  •  3 min read

Farewell for now

I like to think that there are many different seasons in life. Change can often be bittersweet. When the crocuses and snowdrops begin to emerge, the excitement of Spring sets in, new life. I am thrilled to announce that my husband and I are expecting a baby, and this week, according to the midwives, I am 37 weeks pregnant.

There is so much anticipation and excitement buzzing around. There are books to be read; classes to attend; product reviews and research to be done; conversations with our elders who have done this all before. Although the joy and delight are our primary feelings there is also a goodbye to our life as just the two of us, and a pause on my income. There is something wonderful about being able to spend money on something that you’ve saved for and desired for so long. Filling a spare room with furniture that you had only fantasised about. Now we will enter a new phase of budgeting as our priorities shift.

I am taking some time off to nest, rest and welcome our first child. Becoming a parent is a dream of mine so I am very excited for what lies in store, albeit nervous at the same time. It has been lovely getting to know the clients I have interacted with over the past couple of years, thank you for all your engagement, it is so appreciated. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with a fun, dynamic, caring team at Solomon’s. I know you will be well looked after by the rest of the team whilst I am away.