Eddie the Eagle

I wonder if you’ve come across the new film – Eddie the Eagle. You will probably remember the something about Eddie Edwards from Cheltenham who became the British ski jump representative in the 1988 Winter Olympics

You will recall that Eddie was something of a comic figure, who arguably couldn’t be anything other than British. He was self-funded, largely self-taught and started learning to ski jump relatively late in life. However, the indisputable “have a go” attitude won him numerous fans and despite being less than an underdog (there was no chance he could actually win) he holds a place in our memories. How many Olympic ski jumpers can you name? I dare say that Eddie the Eagle is one on a very short list… unless you are an avid skiing fan.

In fact Eddie was pretty good at skiing anyway – a decent downhill skiier – competing successfully, he missed out (the film suggests excluded) on the national squad based on aspects that were little to do with ability. He was certainly motivated and someone that deserves huge praise for his determination, a trait that seems in woefully short supply.

Soaring Success

Success then, might be considered differently. It is not simply about winning a gold medal or having an enormous house, yacht, car or looking a certain way to fit into certain clothes. Success is far broader and plainly ought to be determined by our own goals and values, not those of others.

Whatever you believe about wealth, and it seems many believe some fairly strange things, the reality is that wealth is also defined broadly. Financial planning is not about making you the richest person in your community, it is about helping you to identify those things that are actually of value to you, invariably these have little to do with money, but rather more to do with relationship, values and legacy.

Unlike Eddie, your financial planning will probably not be televised, but like him, you can achieve some pretty impressive personal goals – but inevitably there will be some risks, some resistance, perhaps some detractors and plenty of distraction.

As for the movie, to be honest it took ages to get going, and it was painful viewing at times, but in the end it turned out to be an uplifting, warm-hearted story, albeit with some artistic license. The reminder that you should never allow others to determine what you are capable of.

Here’s the trailer for the movie.

Dominic Thomas
Solomons IFA

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