Cold Feet

Perhaps you have been watching the new series of Cold Feet. The original series began in 1997 – some 20 years ago and ran until 2003. It was revived last year. Originally a series about three thirtysomething couples living in Manchester, we have seen the usual plethora of “dramatic” storylines. Any significant exploration of characters or plot reveals a number of gaping holes and sadly even in the decade or so of a break, the writers have continued to fail to redeem themselves.

The Hapless David

David Marsden, the character played by Robert Bathurst has had to contend with a fair amount of turmoil in his life. Now, two marriages, various affairs and of no fixed abode later, his already somewhat questionable career (from anything believable) has now developed into that of Independent Financial Adviser.

Financial Planning for the Filthy Rich

In the latest series (7) we have seen Mr Marsden provide a presentation to a collection Manchester’s wealthy women, held in the plush executive home of Nikki Kirkbright, with Champagne freely flowing and perhaps more like an Anne Summers party, he proceeds to rename his “talk” financial planning for the filthy rich.  David meets with Nikki who clearly wishes to keep the matter from her husband who returns home and results in David being asked to leave quickly to avoid meeting him. The latest episode had David meeting discreetly with Nikki, a meeting which he claims he has all the forms for the Unit Trusts. Her husband finds out and has David collected for a “meeting”.

David wouldn’t be an “Approved Person”

I don’t really know where to begin with this, save that David would not be a financial adviser having been arrested, charged and imprisoned for fraud – for his arrangement of what can only be unregulated investments whilst working for a firm that clearly are equally as inept at understanding financial regulation. His firm leaves him to “hang out to dry” and of course David attempts to pass the buck and record his boss admitting liability. His only obvious punishment is that at the start of series 7 he is to be found visiting very elderly ladies and encouraging them to sign application forms to release equity from their home or buy life assurance.

David Marsden is without shame, without qualification and frankly without any credibility. Someone in the writing team must have had a rather bad experience, but has clearly allowed that experience to dictate terms that no further understanding of finance shall be permitted. David is utterly incompetent, totally untrustworthy and completely delusional.

Trust Me, I’m A….

Of course, misrepresentation on television is nothing new, (ask Doctors, Lawyers, Nurses, Teachers, Ministers, Police and anyone in the Armed forces) and yes, it’s just light-weight comedy-drama, designed to amuse, not inform. Fair enough. I’m more concerned at the continued lack of understanding of finance and whilst yes, these characters aren’t real, they really don’t help anyone improve their own understanding of financial services, but merely compound the problems with misinformation. Dont get me wrong, I quite enjoy the series, I simply wish that there was rather more credibility in the characters…. you can watch it here:

Dominic Thomas
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