It has been a while since the regulator (FCA) warned and restricted the sale of COCOs (Contingent Convertible Securities) in fact it was October 2014. We have never advised anyone to buy CoCos, however, this blog is about a very different Coco, the new animation film from Disney and Pixar.

I know, you are a “grown up” and don’t go to see a cartoon at the cinema unless you must do so, accompanied by your children or perhaps grandchildren, but as usual with Pixar, this is really a film for adults and reminding us to reconnect with and aspect of ourselves that often the daily grind of life wears down.

So yes, I went to see this at the BFI Director Q&A Preview early on Saturday morning, with one of my daughters, who at 22 isn’t the obvious excuse as accompanying a “child”. So, hands up, yes I have been to see this already – and for the record, the distinction between a cartoon and animation is pretty important to film folk. To me it is another artform.

The Spice of Life

Coco is a colourful, vibrant story about a family in Mexico. It is laced with Mexican traditions and beliefs without judgement, because the people at Pixar invariably see past all our “stuff” to the core of what it is to be human. Miguel, is the central character, attempting to find the essence of who he is, whilst trying to be observant and respectful of his family context. As with most families, much is unsaid and assumed and we all have ways of living and seeing the world based upon a collection of lifetime experiences, sometimes the lifetimes of others too, hence inter-generational traditions.

Set against the backdrop of “Dia de los Muertos” the Day of the Dead, we get a rather better understanding of what this means to Latins in particular. A Day to remember and be thankful for those members of our families that have deceased. A touch of flair and a big dose of imagination creates a powerful world, in which even the most fixed in their chosen religion would find hard to resist a sense of appeal. However, this is not a theological piece.

Familiar Myths

In a rather classical myth form, Miguel risks his soul in pursuit of who he is and in the process, discovers more than he bargained for and is faced with information that contradicts and challenges what he already believes or “knows”.

The film is an opportunity to reflect on the family and friends that you have, to remember them, “warts and all”. We are also reminded of the impact that choices we all make each day have on others and how every family narrative has many limitations. The animators use forgetting as the vehicle to deliver a message that we all know, but often… well… forget.

Who will tell your Story?

We all face mortality, financial planning will help prepare you, your family, your business for any disaster financially, but of course it cannot help you reclaim time with those you care about. At best a planner can help remind you of your own values, by reflecting them back to you and embedding them in your plan, but time is brief.  We can also point out how little time there is and help you plan to enjoy more of it by figuring out how much money is enough for you.

Over the last 3 years or so I have encouraged clients to make a “life book”. A short book about who they are (through their own eyes). This is a way of passing on your own story to those that matter most to you. Of course, most of us put off such a thing – “one day I will get around to it”. Sadly, a different day can arrive without warning, very suddenly.  This isn’t meant to be schmaltz, but somewhere in our culture, the idea of story has become diluted or perhaps lost, by celebrating, celebrity or projecting a hollow version of life that has little resemblance to reality. Like Miguel, you may discover that some of your greatest heroes are those nearest to you.

Here’s the trailer. I dare you.

Dominic Thomas
Solomons IFA

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