At the weekend I ordered a takeaway chinese meal and paid by cheque. I was contacted yesterday by a very embarrassed young man, asking if I would be able to supply a second cheque as he had accidently put his clothes containing my cheque and several others through the wash. He popped over to collect the new cheque and presented me with my mangled, faded original one.
I have to admit that I don’t quite know where this sits with the FSA and European Union regarding money laundering, as often the law is open to interpretation and our friends in Europe speak several different languages, I am hereby making it known that although this is not the sort of money laundering that the FSA mean, just in case, I have disclosed the incident to anyone that may be concerned. Yes this is a bit of a gaff – not a big one, unlike the amusing FATF GAFI that is the genuine name for the Financial Action Task Force. There’s something of a Peter Sellers movie in this I’m sure of it.
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