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Here’s your updated Cash ISA and instant access account information. Remember this is a list (and not a very long one), it is not advice. The only advice here is to ensure that you know the compensation limits on bank accounts as outlined by the FSCS, which means not holding more than £85,000 in any account with any bank or group of banks under the same banking license. Be wary of any bank that offers the top rate, think about why they may wish to hold your money.
Instant Access Accounts
Online: ING 3.24%
Bank: Virgin Money 2.60%
Building Society: Manchester 2.81%
Cash ISA Variable
Online: Santander 3.30%
Bank: Santander 3.30%
Building Society: Market Harborough 3.00%
Cash ISA Fixed
Online: Governor Money 4.05% Fixed for 5 years
Bank: Halifax 4.15% Fixed for 5 years
Building Society: Kent Reliance 3.75% Fixed for 5 years
You may be aware that the UK’s inflation figures came out today. CPI (the Consumer Price Index) have fallen to its lowest level since November 2009 and is 2.4% but above the 2.0% Bank of England target. RPI is 2.8%. So by these figures all of the accounts shown above now beat CPI, so accounts are now heading in the right direction. This comes on the back of more miserable news from the IMF which has downgraded Britain’s GDP (growth) forecasts considerably. It seems that the world is currently full of doomsayers, which don’t forget is a very easy position to hold when being wrong is actually good news.
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