1952: Singing in the Rain – Donen
If I were a betting man, I would have put a significant amount of money on the weather worsening once I had been asked to replace the garden parasol by my wife at the weekend. As I’m a financial planner and therefore not a betting man, I simply have to acknowledge that I have no special powers over the elements or anything else for that matter. Anyhow, its a wet, Monday in London. I have been busy all weekend trying to think of ways to improve our services to our clients and have already been putting some of this to trial today. In the meantime, its time for a quick update about Cash ISAs and various deposit accounts.
At the risk of being very tiresome, this is not advice, its a list of some top rates. Either ask me or look up the detail for yourself using something like moneyfacts. Importantly over the weekend, there was news to sure up the Spanish Banks, though quite how this will solve the problems in Europe remains to be seen.
Instant Access Account
Online: Santander 3.20% (yes a Spanish bank)
Bank: Virgin Money 2.60%
Building Society: Nottingham 3.25%
Cash ISA – Fixed Rate
Online: Aldermore 3.70% (3 year fix)
Bank: Halifax 4.25% (5 year fix)
Building Society: Kent Reliance 3.75% (5 year fix)
Cash ISA – Variable Rate
Online: Santander 4.00%
Bank: Barclays 3.05%
Building Society: Market Harborough 3.00%
As if to point out that Cash ISA rates “aren’t that good” a 2 year deposit account with Kent Reliance is paying 3.51% and even Santander’s 1 year deposit account pays 4.20%. All this tells you that the longer-term outlook for fixed rates remains low, but there is precious little benefit in a Cash ISA with inflation at 3.0% As ever, be mindful of the FSCS compensation levels and the rules about Banking licenses.
Here’s something to cheer up a wet afternoon in June. A production of Singing in the Rain is currently running in London’s West End.
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