2011: No Strings Attached – Ivan Reitman
I have had a reasonable number of emails and discussions about Cash ISAs of late. So I will stick my neck out and say I have a favourite Cash ISA (ING). Its not on this list – which is a list of “top rates” but frankly a bit of digging into most of them and you find an “if”, “but”, “maybe” and a string or two. You should always check the detail (as I drone on with each of these posts) and don’t forget to ensure you understand the availability of compensation (if the Bank collapses) covered by the FSCS.
Instant Access
Comment: I like all of these and the rates are almost as good if not better than variable rate Cash ISAs (which are untaxed) which has its own story. I like Virgin – I believe the hype that they try to do a better job than others in a fairly poor industry sector. Building Societies tend to have a deeper place in my heart than a Bank and both Coventry and Manchester are Building Societies. The Coventry account has an inflated rate for the first year (extra 1.15%) and actually you can only make 4 penalty free withdrawals a year. Manchester BS similarly actually provides 3 penalty free withdrawals.
Cash ISA Variable Rate
Comment: An alternative to these, is ING at 3.00% and its a great online account.As a Bank this is one of the best rates and its a fairly staright-forward application process. You may also wish to consider M&S Money.
Cash ISA Fixed Rate
Comment: Remember that with fixed rates comes reduced access (or loss of interest). By fixing a rate of interest for a relatively long time, you are taking a fairly big bet on where interest rates are going. You will recall that today they are at rock bottom, having been there for 3 years.
Today I have not put information about the One or Two Year deposit accounts. Having spent a bit more time digging around the data that Moneyfacts pulls up you really do need to read it carefully to ensure you are getting what you asked for. Remember this is not advice, its a list of rates.
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