1954: Bait – Hugo Haas
Here are some of the better rates of interest being offered by Banks and Building Societies in the UK. Please remember that you should check the detail – have a look at Moneyfacts. Beware of headline rates which are really little more than bait (or in current parlance “marketing”) for an investment product not really a deposit account (I still don’t understand why this has not been properly prevented by the regulator). It almost seems too obvious to say it, but we are in fairly precarious economic times, so I would urge you not to hold more than the FSCS protected amount of £85,000 with any single bank unless it is absolutely necessary. What we took forgranted as “safe” only a few years ago has been rightly questioned.
One Year Deposit
Online: Yorkshire Bank 3.60%
Bank: Santander 4.20%
Building Society: Barnsley 5.00%
Two Year Deposit
Online: Vanquis Bank 4.05%
Bank: Clydesdale 4.01%
Building Society: National Counties 3.76%
Instant Access
Online: Coventry 3.15%
Bank: Santander 2.50%
Building Society: Nottingham 3.25%
Cash ISA Fixed Rate
Online: Governor Money 4.50%
Bank: Halifax 4.40%
Building Society: Barnsley 5.00%
Cash ISA Variable Rate
Online: AA Savings: 3.05%
Bank: Santander 4.00%
Building Society: Newcastle 3.05%
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