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You are online and connected, so in the interests of providing you with some useful information about the online world, I thought I’d share a podcast (and video) that I listened to recently. This is taken from a really useful free resource website called “I Love Marketing” which is run by Joe Polish and Dean Jackson. I know that marketing isn’t everyone’s thing… but don’t forget that I run a small business and also work with many clients that run small (and large) businesses… and these guys have some really good ways of helping understand marketing, so that we all waste less time wasting each other’s time and get to what we all actually want (or need). As someone that did a Business Studies Degree with a specialism in Marketing, albeit many years ago, I can genuinely say that these guys provide information that can be implemented – its practical and it works.

Anyway, episode 189 of the I Love Marketing podcast or the video (here) is really worth spending your time. I tend to listen to podcasts at 1.5x speed, which saves some time and remains clear. Joe interviews Marc Goodman, a guy with a new book (yes ok, something to promote) all about the near future of technology. We think we’ve seen an explosion of things to save time, learn and so on… online, but he argues its nothing to what is coming… and with it there is a price – the need for much better understanding of security and the possible flaws in your own technology at home or work, which are exposing you to possible crime. The podcast or video is a reasonable length, but well worth your time.

ilmlogoOf course if you run a business or are in a marketing role, then I’d certainly suggest you check out Joe and Dean’s website and podcasts. They are an engaging pair with a wealth of great ideas and invaluable experience. The podcast can be found on itunes here. I’ve been listening to I Love Marketing for some time and hope that by sharing this you, if you are a marketeer or business owner, also get some really useful ideas from it. You can check out Joe’s bio page here and Dean Jackson here.

Dominic Thomas