We have reached over 10,000 visits to our Solomons IFA blog and we are every proud of it. It’s probably because we have got something to say! This is what our customers have to say about us:
Dominic has been my financial adviser for 7 years. I have found his advice, in the minefield of financial regulation and option, to be invaluable. He has an approachable manner, which allows one to ask the silliest of questions without feeling foolish. He does not talk in jargon and always explains things in a financial language I can understand. And, perhaps above all, he is scrupulously honest. I know that he will give me objective advise that will always be in my interest. I simply could not have asked for a better financial adviser.
Martin Evans September 2011
We have been with Dominic for over 10 years, recommended by my late father. His advice is always clear, straightforward and to the point backed up by obvious in-depth knowledge and research. You feel you are in the hands of an expert – and one who cares!
Jamie and Ruth Lyons July 2011
I want to thank you for your help, advice and very smooth running of my planning, especially in these last few months building up to my retirement. It has been excellent. My only regret is that I wish I had been with you years earlier…
Steve Hepden: July 2011
We have been with Solomon’s for over ten years; Dominic has been an excellent financial advisor. He is good at making you think about your financial priorities over the coming years, and seems to get the balance of portfolios just right. He is easy to talk to, and has an excellent knowledge of a range of financial products. He has always made us feel comfortable with our decisions, and never pushed us to take on more risk than we were happy with. He is reliable and efficient and I would highly recommend Solomon’s and especially Dominic.
Fiona Middleton & Henry Dowson: 2011
We met Dominic and Solomon’s in 2004 when our family finances were in a state of transition, as we had both recently lost parents. We were dealing with paying off a mortgage, receiving inheritances and disposing of family properties. We had a collection of policies acquired piecemeal over the years and Jo was having to negotiate a redundancy package. Seven years on, with Solomon’s help, we have a well-structured portfolio of savings and investments, have become adept at budgeting and have put two children through higher education. We have rationalised pension plans and put a retirement strategy in place. But it’s not all been about saving – we’ve spent money on property development as well as hobbies and holidays, having acquired a better sense of our resources and how we want to use them, both now and in the future.  t’s been immensely helpful to be able to talk about finances with a trustworthy and knowledgeable source, and to place decisions in a wider context than just the nature of financial products.
Jo and Chris Walker – May 2011
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