Sadly, we do forget

Sadly, we do forget

Well, it has been quite a week, something straight out of a Shakespearian plot, but then, Shakespeare endures largely because his assessment is that the human condition is all too predictable under certain pressures.

One thing that has not been predictable of late is the performance of the global stock markets. Well, now that I have said that, perhaps I’m not being fair. When there are times of significant uncertainty, there are usually rapid swings in the price of shares, both up and down and we have had a lot of that in the last week. However you voted in the referendum, the movements in the markets do not prove anything, other than that things are “uncertain”. This is all likely to drag on for a long time – at least if Article 50 is ever “triggered”.

As one client pointed out to me this week – there is no shortage of clowns at the moment. Indeed and perhaps many of us are wearing a smile and trying to make the best of things this week.

Something to remember

I wonder if you noticed how at times like these, we all (well many of us) tend to use words that are more akin to describing military hardware or actions? Our war of words seems rather sad and pathetic in the context of remembering the first World War and in particular the Battle of the Somme which happened 100 years ago today. The worst day in the history of the British Army with over 57,000 casualties on the first day. Can you imagine it! I wonder if we will ever learn. Shakespeare would probably suggest we won’t. There have been some moving and innovative ways to bring this to our attention. Perhaps you have seen the Because We Are Here website.

Waiting to hear from you

By now you should have received our 2016 Half Year Report. We sent it as both a pdf to your email address and also a hard copy. Our circus theme says all that needs saying, but clearly my crystal ball is working better than many.  Anyhow, when you get the chance to send me some feedback I would really appreciate it.

Dominic Thomas
Solomons IFA

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