We are actively
looking for new clients

As a small relationship-based firm, most of our new clients come from recommendations from our clients… and in all probability we are seeking more people like you.


Designed for professionals who are employed or self-employed and concerned about having enough to maintain your lifestyle, we help you to understand what you need, have and how to address any shortfall.

Minimum investments and pensions of £300,000,

Minimum household income £100,000


Concerned about running out of money and being able to sustain your spending throughout your retirement, concerned about inflation, taxes, cash savings and income from investments. You are also aware of the potential costs of long term care and wish to prepare for this possibility and ensure your estate is passed properly to your beneficiaries.

Minimum assets invested £300,000 excluding property.


You started your business for lots of reasons, financial freedom being one of them. Nobody knows your business as well as you, but planning your exit and maximising how your business can work for you is key to the freedom you hope for. It’s time to clarify and tighten up your plans.

Minimum business value £750,000


Your retirement in their hands? Having worked for a couple of decades in the NHS, your pension planning seems to be more complex than ever. You probably have brown envelopes regularly arriving and peers concerned about sudden large tax demands. It’s got so bad it’s not even clear if you should get out whilst you can. It is time to take charge and regain clarity and control.

Minimum household income £150,000

“I know nothing of financial matters and would be lost without someone to guide and advise me. Dominic is someone I trust absolutely. I know him to be ethical which is important to me, and capable. He is easily approachable, explains things in a way that even I can understand, and allows me to ask any question however obvious or basic. I feel my financial concerns are safe in his hands and I trust his judgement. I would definitely recommend him to anyone needing help with their finances.”

“Dominic has been my financial adviser for 7 years. I have found his advice, in the minefield of financial regulation and option, to be invaluable. He has an approachable manner, which allows one to ask the silliest of questions without feeling foolish. He does not talk in jargon and always explains things in a financial language I can understand. And, perhaps above all, he is scrupulously honest. I know that he will give me objective advice that will always be in my interest. I simply could not have asked for a better financial adviser.”