2004: Eternal Sunshine – Gondry
Another day, another training session. Financial Planners have to complete a minimum of 30 hours of CPD (Continuous Professional Development) each year and from January will have to obtain a certificate of professional standing which evidences qualification and CPD. Fortunately this is not an arduous task for me as I am regularly improving my knowledge and attend numerous seminars and events that ideally help me to do an even better job. I think it best left that I simply overachieve the CPD requirements by a significant factor. Anyway, today I’m at events which explore the pension rules that are impacting many of our clients in Final Salary Pension Schemes and returning to the office via tucking into a little heavy economics at the IOD. This is of course all part of most professions these days, but when I do count my time spent going to what I consider to be helpful training events (often they are very good) this makes the 30 hour target look rather a dim and distant target. This is all valuable time that admittedly helps me do a better job (well most of the time) but is also rather costly in terms of not being available to clients, anyway my purpose in sharing is that a day in the life of.. is often about ongoing development, which is rather necessary in a world where economics, stockmarkets, law and taxation issues change on a frequent basis and another reason why conducting a review of your financial planning, is vital, even though it may feel rather familiar. However another reason for reviewing your planning is because things change, sometimes unexpectedly and sometimes because mistakes happen and need correction. Despite the continuous development and thorough training, I have yet to meet the perfect adviser or for that matter, the perfect client.
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