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The 5 most common mistakes investors make.

• Not setting clearly defined goals
• Unclear about the returns required
• Misunderstanding inflation and investment risk
• Chasing the ball
• Failing to properly balance growth and defence

Investors make lots of mistakes, we are all human after all and anyone that claims to have the magic ingredients for guaranteed positive returns is being less than honest. For some people money is an uncomfortable subject that gets caught up with baggage of the past. Money does little more than provide choice. However it causes considerable anxiety and stress. It doesn’t have to be this way.

In this brief, free report I will outline the 5 key mistakes that most investors make and how to avoid them. This is based upon over 20 years of experience advising clients as an independent financial planner, based in Wimbledon. I am hopeful that you will find this document valuable, even though it is free to download. Time is precious so I’m going to keep this as brief as possible.

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