Will Apple learn lessons from Google Maps?

Apple users (iphone, ipod, ipad, imac) were given some relief this week as google maps was made available once again. Prior to the latest operating system, google maps had been the default map tool. However the new Apple maps was made the default tool on their latest upgraded software. It was not a good experience, with many places not being “on the map” and as a result users found the experience somewhat unsatisfactory. So there has been some relief at last following a new app which can be installed easily onto the latest Apple operating system. So despite being one of the worlds favourite companies (who voted?) Apple, make mistakes – by attempting something that they are not good at. I wonder if Apple will learn this lesson.

Finding a reliable guide

Why bother you with this? well it occurred to me that a financial plan is rather like having a map. However when you don’t have the full picture or bits are missing, it really does become rather pointless. RDR is now a couple of weeks away and I remain concerned that the majority of the country will not be able to afford advice and will attempt to do it themselves. This is of course possible, if its your gift. The problem with maths and money, is that because we all handle it, there is a tendency to undervalue or appreciate the skills to advise on it. The skills can be learned of course, but as with many things, are you really going to bother? after all you have your own job and skills to master and the “outside of work” part of life is meant to be spent doing things you enjoy – or it ought to be? I am concerned that many will attempt to navigate the minefield of financial service, thinking that they will achieve the same result for “free” (their time) whereas I believe that this is much more likely to result in a very serious financial blunder, which I see rather too frequently. Much like the man that blindly followed the sat nav in his car much to his cost. Sat Nav can be great, but it still requires interpretation and wisdom and many are built on unreliable data. Your financial planning, which means – your lifestyle are not worth risking. Remember invariably, we get what we pay for. Of course some people will always blame their tools… oh and click here for a list of the top ten sat nav blunders.