1985: Back to the Future – Zemeckis
You will probably have gathered that I’m something of a film fan. Well in truth, I enjoy pretty much all of the arts and like a good story. Hearing the stories of my clients also gives me a buzz, I really enjoy learning about people – where they’ve been and where they hope to go. Film also provides another opportunity to work or an alternative form of investment and this is something that is also relevant to some clients.
Film is a culturally relevant medium for today and has been so for most of our lives. The way films are made and promoted has certainly changed (which is interesting anyway) but invariably we find many stories being repeated. One reason for citing the year the film was released is to remind myself and any other reader, that of course, many of our struggles have been faced before, at different times, in different contexts.
One of the great problems with much current media is the fixation with the present and a fear induced approach to the future. I also love history and whilst not an expert beyond A’level and general interest, am struck by how little we draw on the wealth of experience of others throughout history. Its not that I think that the past was better, just that it can teach us or remind us of many timeless principles. Given the long-term nature of investing, I believe it is just as important to look back as it is to look ahead, but of course live in the present. The financial planning process can seem a little like time-travel, but not in the sense of science fiction, more like – learning from what went before and taking stock of where it is we want to go.
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