1952: Loan Shark – Seymour Friedman
Vanquis Bank? Financial planning often introduces some new names, but rarely within the retail Banking sector. Vanquis Bank have a head office in London and part of the Provident Financial Group which is currently headed up by Peter Crook (great name for a Banker eh?) anyway the company is credit based and aimed at those that are normally excluded from applying for credit, which is certainly better than going to a loan shark. Despite the fact that the original organisation was founded in 1880 and made pre-tax profits of £62.3m from its 2.4m customers in the first half of 2011, I’m not so sure that I’d be first in the queue to deposit my savings. However they are today’s top of the pops which is listed for your information and amusement. Please remember to check out details carefully and remember the compensation limits.
Instant Access
Online: Santander 3.10%
Bank: Virgin Money 2.85%
Building Society: Nottingham 3.25%
One Year Deposit
Online: Vanquis Bank 3.55%
Bank: Santander 4.20%
Building Society: Yorkshire 5.00%
Two Year Deposit
Online: Vanquis Bank 3.85%
Bank: Cheltenham & Gloucester 3.80%
Building Society: Progressive
Cash ISA Vairable Rate
Online: Aldermore 3.15%
Bank: Santander 4.00%
Building Society: Newcastle 3.05%
Cash ISA Fixed Rate
Online: Royal Bank of Scotland 4.20%
Bank: Clydesdale 4.25%
Building Society: Yorkshire 5.00%
Please don’t simply look at the headline figures, the organisations within this list do not suggest endorsement or approval or advice to use them. This is merely an up to date list.
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