Understanding what we do

solomons financial planning Wimbledon

We are seeking long-term client relationships, built upon mutual trust, enabling us to create and provide a valuable service.

We provide a bespoke service, working in partnership to enable you to have the best chance of achieving your goals.

Working together

Together we will create your unique Financial Plan which will act as a working document reflecting the essence of what is truly important to you. This will effectively act as our mutual guide upon which all future financial decisions are based, so our attention to your detail is vital.

We help clients achieve deeply held goals, not merely time-barred objectives; achieving peace of mind, a generous spirit and recognition that security is not based upon wealth. A sense of emotional well-being can be enhanced with financial planning that is rooted in understanding your values and life principles. So we start with the end in mind.

Stress-free financial planning

We will implement the Plan and agree how best to review progress. Our stress-free process typically takes 3 years to fully craft, implement, review and imbed your Plan.

We will work with your other advisers and perhaps other experts to ensure that any actions taken are in accordance with your long-term aims, rather than purely seeking short-term advantage which may run counter-productive to your real goals.

We will provide you with the necessary support to make difficult decisions and will not avoid providing you with an accurate evaluation.

The Six Stages of Financial Planning


STEP 1. Clarifying your vision

The more we understand about what motivates you and your value system, the better our advice. As with any healthy relationship, in time more and more of the inner person is revealed – much like the nature of a fine wine. There is no fast-track to this degree of understanding, it only comes from the most valuable commodity of all – time. We will help identify, clarify and prioritise your goals.

STEP 2: Your story so far

We all have a collection of financial baggage. We will locate, verify, collate, analyse and explain what you already have. This provides the basis from which we can begin.

STEP 3: Where you are now

We will report back to you a clear assessment of your current position and assess how much you have already progressed towards your goals.

STEP 4: Looking ahead

There is invariably more than one way to achieve your goals from where you are today. We will explore a range of options and provide a set of solutions that we believe are most likely to work best to form your Financial Plan.

STEP 5: Let’s get moving

Once we have determined what must be done, we will get everything in place so that getting started is as easy as possible.

STEP 6: Staying focused

We will review your progress and ensure that your Financial Plan is on track, making necessary adjustments where necessary. This will also ensure that your plan is not an academic exercise, but a living, working, relevant and practical report.