2005: Brothers Grimm – Terry Gilliam
Financial planning if handled incorrectly can appear to be mainly about dreaming and wanting the impossible. Financial advisers or financial planners are not wizards, there is not a magical ability to remove problems or avoid reality. Over the last 100 years or so, many have headed to the land of opportunity, the land of the “free” in order to seek and make their fortune. Don’t get me wrong, I am not anti-American (not at all) like everywhere else, it has its good bits and bad bits – just like us here in Britain. There is much to be proud of and quite a lot that would cause a degree of  embarrassment.
Bloomberg today shared grim news that the US Social Security Fund is going to run out three years earlier than they expected. It helps fund 44 million people in the US and will run dry (by current predictions) by 2035 – just 23 years time. Sooner than this even is the Disability Fund which supports 11 million people in 2016 – that’s 4 years time! This is financial planning done on a national scale – something that most Governments try to do but invariably get horribly wrong.
So what? well – problems in America are usually a warning to us here in Britain and a problem aired is a problem shared. There are solutions of course, but this is the power of good information, helping decision makers to hopefully make the right choices for the future. However, before berating the US for underfunding its welfare system, think about this in your own context. Are you banking on a fairytale ending for your retirement, a fairytale that has no basis in fact or reality? Are you planning wisely and making informed, good decisions today about how you live today and how you appropriately plan for tomorrow? Need some expert help? clear information? or will you too find the harsh reality of the future, simply too much? 
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