Valentine’s Day love and passionrose

Tomorrow is Valentines day and whilst retailers attempt to describe love and passion, I thought I’d take you back to a memory 30 years ago. The Winter Olympics in Sochi, for all the issues, remind us about commitment and focus and it was 30 years ago that Jane Torvill and Christopher Dean wowed the world with their performance of Bolero and in the process sweeping the board with top marks for artistic expression. Watching the video now, despite its very poor quality, transports me to the gripping moments, hoping that nothing went wrong and that they did themselves justice by winning a very deserved gold medal. It was a moment of great joy, perhaps because they were British, but more than that – they were simply remarkable, the best. Even 30 years ago, I had sufficient life experience to recognise that the best didn’t always triumph, that hard work, commitment and passion wasn’t always rewarded. It is therefore all the more pleasing when “justice” is done and nobody can deny it.

The last thirty years have seen a professional ice skating career that has involved many repeat performances of Bolero, today in an interview is seems that the chances of seeing this seminal piece performed by its creators is coming to an end, tour dates have been announced for “The Final Tour”. You have until April…. but perhaps tomorrow’s soundtrack should be Bolero.

Dominic Thomas: Solomons IFA