Well, I’m now at the start of my summer holiday and many thousands of people will be over the summer. Flying is one of those stressful moments for the infrequent flyers and a huge amount of trust and faith is placed in the pilot and the aeroplane. As a passenger on a commercial flight, we don’t kick the tyres to check the pressure or ask to see the pilots license – something that we might otherwise do in many other aspects of “normal life”. This collective “faith” is very difficult to challenge.
It may be of interest to learn how most commercial pilots get paid. Well, they have a basic salary and of course a pension scheme. However most of their pay comes from a bonus. A 747 captain with experience can earn over £100,000. Bonuses can be earned by saving fuel. In general the higher the aeroplane flies, the more efficient. So whilst you climb to the heights of the skies, so too does your captains income. 
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