Something like 75% of Universities have now announced their tuition fees for Degree courses starting in 2012. You may remember that the Government set a maximum limit of £9,000 expecting this to only apply to some of the more traditional old-school Universities. However, of those declared, the average fee is looking like £8,679 for the year, this is far closer to the upper limit and significantly above the current maximum level of £3,375. So parents and students will be stumping up rather more money.
It remains to be seen how this impacts other elements of student life. I estimate that at present University tends to cost around £9,000 a year, but that includes the course fees, accomodation and living cost. It is possible that the actual cost of a year at University may end up far closer to £18,000 a year
Of course, the devil is in the detail – different courses will have different costs. However, my suggestion is that you allow a minium of £15,000 per year. I will be interested in how costs are decided for a 4 year course, much of which involves unpaid work placements – such as a Degree in Education to become a teacher…. like my daughter..yikes!  
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