I hadn’t appreciated that Swiss speeding fines are linked to the drivers personal wealth until I came across a story on the BBC website. The Swiss currently hold the world record for the biggest speeding fine issued to a driver – a choking $290,000 – enough to buy many top sports cars. However this record may be shattered shortly with the possibility of a $1m fine that is being considered for the 37 year old driver of a Merecedes SLS AMG. He was clocked at 180mph.

The fine is effectively applied at a daily rate of SFr3600 (Swiss Francs) with the car being impounded. In this instance the car may be impounded for 300 days making a total of SFr 1,080,000 or about £656,000. I guess that he should be grateful that this sum is not compounded.

If you are interested here’s the Mercedes link to the SLS AMG. Prices start at £157,500.

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