I’m a little envious of the following that Lady Gaga gets via social networking, Twitter – she set a Facebook record of having over 10million fans and also a Twitter record of over 5.7million followers. So I have a long way to catch up!

Anyway, turning this following to something useful – she and several other celebrities have decided to cease social networking until $1million has been received in donations to the “Keep A Child Alive” charity – which is headed by Alicia Keys. Given the following it would only take a few hours before the celebrities are back online – if followers gave $1 each. The idea is that a number of celebrities need bringing back to life – and you pay/donate to bring them back, which taps into the theme of saving lives.

Quite a novel idea, but one has to say that probably $1million isn’t really a “stretching” target given the exposure, wealth and sheer momentum behind the characters involved. Unless of course this is per celebrity, I guess it might be a little embarassing if one or two didn’t make the target – but hats off to their taking part!
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