2006: Blood Diamond – Zwick
It’s the second week of Wimbledon. As I write this post, peering through my window, the sky is a mixture of grey and white cloud, but little if any blue sky. The forecast for the week is not good, but then we all know about the problems of weather forecasting. Tennis will resume though, after all the Centre Court has a roof. The current media storm surrounding the Banks and their collective fraud will probably not find much shelter this week, though sadly I fear that despite the fines, sanctions, tough talk and grovelling apologies, little will actually change their behaviour, because this truth is one that is far too uncomfortable for our economy.
So with this in mind, here is a list of some of the top rates. None of them are LIBOR rates, but of course they are based on rates that Banks want to offer. Remember too that this is not advice, just a compiled list. You need to be aware of the FSCS compensation restrictions and indeed the identity of Banks that operate under the same shared Banking License.
Instant Access Account
Online: Santander 3.20%
Bank: Virgin Money 2.60%
Building Society: Nottingham 3.25%
Cash ISA Fixed Rate
Online: Governor Money 4.05% (5 year fix)
Bank: Halifax 4.25% (5 year fix)
Building Society: Kent Reliance 3.75% (5 year fix)
Cash ISA Variable Rate
Online: Santander 3.30%
Bank: Barclays 3.05%
Building Society: Market Harborough 3.00%
The above is not my advised selection, just a list of current top rates to give you a sense of what is available. In short, most rates are very poor (you know this) they look unlikely to improve in the short-term. However, if Banks take any heed of the sentiment raging against them, then expect more transparent accounts – including these, but don’t expect free banking as when the Banks finally figure out what they are meant to do, they will realise that there’s no way that they can make profit at previous levels, so expect lots of reasons why your Bank will become more expensively honest.
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