2011: Another Earth – Mike Cahill

Here is an interesting short video providing an explanation about the current credit crisis and why the actions that are currently being taken are unlikely to help. To suggest that it is a controversial video would be an understatement, but for anyone wanting further information, this is a useful part of the discussion. Remember that pioneers are invariably thought to be mad. One might say that the approach is something of an alternative reality – another Earth.

Positive Money want us all to be better educated about the financial system, after all it has a huge impact on all of our lives. So for free thinkers everywhere this is an opportunity to hear another side of the story. This is a very short and punchy video, and given the inevitable number of repeats on television this Christmas, perhaps you will find it provocative and/or helpful to review the trailer and free video online. I will provide my own thoughts in due course, but certainly welcome contributions from all those interested. If you would like to email me your thoughts and contributions I can put these up on the blog in an anonymous style and/or include my responses as appropriate to anything that you raise.


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